The Joyful Crossing Guard

We are a one-vehicle family because it is how we roll. Several mornings I take my husband to work — sometimes because I have a commitment that day and sometimes simply to take a slow drive home savoring my morning cup of coffee. If I take a certain major thoroughfare, I encounter this joyful crossing guard waving at every vehicle passing by. At first, I thought, is she nuts, my arm would be falling off and people must think she is a nut! I began watching carefully the faces of drivers receiving her friendly waves and smiles. Now many looked and passed reserved to acknowledge her, perhaps thinking what I thought originally. However, I did notice many drivers intentionally smiling and waving back at her. I realized she was actually spreading her joy to those on their morning commutes who were willing to receive her kind gesture. Now I am projecting, but I think her wave is truly saying, “Good morning! Have a great day! Be blessed!” — at least that is how it speaks to me now. Someday I may just have the courage to buy her a small token, pull into the parking lot, and walk over to meet her. I will let you know if I do.

Good morning! Have a great day! Be blessed!
Love you, meant it!

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