Welcoming Autumn

The weather is whispering autumn today – 68°, no air conditioning, windows wide open, and a wonderful strong wind. I love the colors, smells, sights, and sounds of autumn. It is my favorite season. There is a peace that I embrace amidst all the changes – the air turning crisp, leaves peaking and fading in magnificent rich colors, the swirling and crunching of dancing leaves, clear blue skies cradling big white puffy clouds, shadows lengthening, shorter daylight, the harvesting of the land, long color drives savoring hot cups of coffee or cocoa, pumpkin flavored everything, extra layers of cozy clothing, snuggly blankets, and the enchanting smell of folks burning fire. I actually tend to slow down at times and find myself thinking, ‘this is a perfect moment.’

Yet, surrounded by all of the inspirational changes that I immerse myself into, the autumn winds of change bristle over me a reflective, nostalgic, and tenderhearted melancholy. I felt the first hint of it today, mid-afternoon. My mind ebbs and flows throughout the season, drifting in and out meditatively considering memories and moments, people and places, hopes and imaginings. My music selections change. Often I find myself sitting lost in timeless introspection, slipping into a contemplative cocoon of preoccupation. Sometimes I sigh in a hushed gratitude, thanking God for the seasons of life that I have survived.

Welcome Autumn!

Love you, mean it!  

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