About the Author

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Deeon. I am a Christian who sincerely desires to read scripture and pray daily. Now, please do not let this turn you away. I ask you stay for a visit! All are welcome! I have spent years in various churches and at times wrestle with my faith. I am a 55-year-old female, married for nearly 29 years. I am currently not working, but worked full-time over 25 years in corporate fast lanes. Now I work to keep our home tidy, warm, and a place of safety and peace – and that my friend is hard work! My husband is a faithful man of integrity. He is employed by a retail company in the HR department and will celebrate a 33-year milestone soon. We have never had children except for our wonderful cat (s), though I deeply love all animals — well OK, not the bugs, reptiles, and certainly not anything that slithers! I also have a precious niece and great niece who occupy a piece of my heart reserved for none other. I am an INFJ personality type, have spent years in therapy, and years chasing after things to fill a deep emptiness within. I struggle with anxiety, depression, obesity, and a healthy dosage of other accoutrements. There is much truth in the phrase, “I never knew rock bottom had a basement.”  

I enjoy various interests that give me joy. I love to savor a good cup of coffee, playing the piano, listening to a variety of music, reading memoirs of all sorts, quiet times of peaceful solitude meditating and thinking, writing, long drives leading nowhere particular, connecting with a friend or two, a beautiful autumn day, looking at art and scenic photography, looking at personal photographs – mine and yours, putting together puzzles mostly of 1000 pieces or more, creating jewelry, a refreshing restorative good night’s sleep – which can be rare, and I absolutely love a good clean laugh.

I am so thankful you dropped in for a  visit and hope you choose to keep reading, asking questions, making comments, and sharing your insights and opinions. I pray that this personal journey Sharing my story is about finding my voice, learning to be authentic and transparent, grieving dreams and losses, scattering the ashes of each bit and piece, and ultimately letting go. It is a window to the process of faith, surrendering to forgiveness, and learning the true sufficiency of unmerited mercy of grace through Jesus.  It is my prayer and hope that through my searching for reconciliation and redemption, those reading this blog will be supported toward finding their personal inner courage to grow, bravery to reach out for help, inspiration to keep seeking the truth, and truly experience alongside me what it means to be at peace. Everyone has a story, a cross they carry, and fractures that need mending. Perhaps, someone out there will find hope, encouragement, and connection to know you are not alone, and fearlessness to uncover your own story.

Love you, mean it!